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The Municipal Retail Markets represent an irreplaceable commercial format for cities for their cultural and social contribution in every way. They provide an important service from the point of view of fresh food and gastronomy, but also contribute to the commercial dynamism of their environment, social mix and coexistence, the generation of employment, wealth and sometimes their buildings they represent an architecture worthy of conservation.

Its complexity entails a series of values that continue to be valid in all cultures and in all countries, with greater or lesser intensity, and evolve at the same time that it changes its environment, the city, society, overcoming the difficulty it represents for the micropymes of the operators to work in common and the agreement of these with the public administrations that usually manage them.


Dreamingmarkets is a global platform created with the objective of positioning the Retail Market format in the society that has generated it, so that it continues to contribute all its values, commercial, cultural, environmental, economic, empowering them with a resilient attitude.


For this it is considered necessary to create a state of opinion about its reality and its possibilities, to favor the actions of public administrations in their development, to involve operators and their organizations, co-responsible for management and seeking their professional recycling, and promoting and facilitating actions of business cooperation and public-private agreement.



The initiative comes from Roberto Alonso Gordón and Sergio González Reyes, professionals linked to the format for more than two decades, considering that global approaches to the format are necessary, a reflection of society in general on the city model and equipping the responsible for their management of useful tools, to approach the path of change in search of excellence.


Thus, Dreamingmarkets offers opinions, arguments, experiences and tools generated not only by its promoters but also by all those people and entities that work day to day with the Retail Markets and who share the idea that it is worth it because it is a live format, with problems, with difficulties, but with much to offer even to society.





Preserving and enhancing the presence of retail markets in cities is the responsibility of all, merchants, public administrations, intermediate organizations and the consumers and users themselves. Therefore, because the interest is common, concertation actions are necessary to allow them to be valued and to adequately fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

The Retail Markets are not mere groups of merchants that develop an activity to sustain themselves, they represent investments, jobs, coexistence, stability in prices, payment of taxes, culture and good practices in food. All this is current and inalienable in all peoples, in all cultures, and will continue to be so.

But its reality is diverse and complex, which requires careful study before intervening in both tangible and intangible aspects; the physical elements are essential to be able to offer a service to consumers with guarantees of health and comfort, but the human elements are even more so and they must be considered in the same way to be able to develop sustainable and economically sustainable projects over time.

DREAMING MARKETS aims only to contribute to voice this reality and share knowledge generated over the last decades, so that the Retail Markets do not stop being considered as "public interest goods".

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