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Intelligent Markets

Years ago I came up with the idea of talking about Intelligent Markets. A risky idea will think some, I think rather a good idea related to the future of our Retail Markets.An Intelligent Market is the one that aims for complete quality. Here, the first position is taken by the consumer, then the Municipal Market as a unit and lastly the trader or tenant and its suppliers.

The Intelligent Market, as a model proximity trading, should be marked as a personal challenge to discover the expectations of the consumer. The Intelligent Market, let’s not forget, is a place where technology and tradition go hand in hand, thus transforming our markets into a complete center of sustainable, accessible and efficient services.

The Intelligent Market of the future will be developed in three stages:

  • The first one is the Buying Experience from which the lightning, design and atmosphere of the market and especially that of its showroom and its stops are oriented towards a nice and satisfactory buy for the consumer or our client.

  • The second stage will be about the showrooms, sale posts and local retailers of our markets where real accessibility solutions should be found as well as nutritional and gastronomical information or food safety (tracking).

  • The third level will be directly related to the environment and sustainability, two things that will undoubtedly, if they’re already doing it, provide an added value to the retail sector.

Think about a Retail Market in which any client who may go inside is able to find a familiar and close service and offers, thus making them feel everything is designed according to their necessities. To conclude, what he likes. We are right next to the consumer. We are close to him. We have the capacity of adapting, being agile and try for the future, our future, in order to build that intelligent market that brings about an efficient answer to our consumer’s demands.


Roberto Alonso Gordón C0-Founder and Director of the Dreaming Markets Platform

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